China 2017

Temple of Heaven, Beijing, China

After spending an amazing weekend with my friends, I was on my own on Monday. They had to go to work and left me with a Lonely Planet guide as my companion. I went to the Temple of Heaven and spent most of the afternoon there. The Autumn weather was great, somewhat cold but still manageable, perfect for long walks.

The Temple of Heaven is a complex of religious buildings that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was visited by the emperors of the Qing and Ming dynasties to pray for good harvests. The most impressive of them is the Hall of Prayer for Good Harvests, a circular building, built on three levels of marble stone. The building is completely wooden, with no nails.

After the Temple of Heaven I went to the Silk Market. I walked around the aisles and after a while I asked the the price of some silk scarves. It was outrageous! My friends had warned me that this place tests your patience and bargaining skills but I wasn’t in the mood to do it. Besides, it was getting late, so I decided to leave empty handed and hurry to meet my friends for dinner. They took me to eat colorful dumplings that were delicious.


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