India, India 2017

Ellora, Maharashtra

The morning after our visit to Ajanta, we went to Ellora Caves, another UNESCO World Heritage Site located 29 km from Aurangabad. While the monuments and artwork in  Ajanta are all Buddhist, Ellora includes Buddhist, Hindu and Jain monuments dating from the 600-1000 CE.



The most impressive of all is monuments is Cave 16, also known as Kailasha temple, which was carved out of one single rock! It is dedicated to Lord Shiva and represents gods, goddesses and mythologies of Hindu Epics.



I personally enjoyed Ajanta Caves aesthetic a lot more because of the beautiful location, the layout of the caves and the quality of the architecture and artwork. However, Ellora Caves made me reflect on the diversity and religious tolerance in India during the 7th to the 11th centuries C.E. that allowed to build temples from different faiths in the same area. Both sites are very special own their own.


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