India, India 2017

Pangong Lake, Ladakh

Pangong Tso is a lake in the Himalayas, situated at 4,250 meters above sea level in the border between India and China. It is a saline lake that nevertheless freezes in winter, so you can imagine how cold it gets there. It changes color from deep blue to turquoise, depending on the depth and the weather.

The drive from Leh to Pangong takes approximately 6 hours, and it takes you across the high altitude desert of the Himalayas. The scenery is totally breathtaking. Along the way, we saw many yaks, Himalayan marmots and birds. We drove up the mountain until we reached Chang La pass, at 5,425 meters above sea level. A few minutes before arriving there, it started snowing, which we were not expecting since we were in the middle of the summer, but then again, we were at a very high altitude. We stopped for a few minutes and then, we continued our descend.

We arrived at Pangong Lake around midday. It was extremely cold. We should have been wearing more appropriate clothes. Anyway, the lake was impressive and everything around was so peaceful. We walked around the lake and took pictures for one hour and then we had lunch at one of the small restaurants close by. Around 2:00 pm we started our drive back. We wanted to be out of the mountain before night felt. Today, I wish we  stayed there overnight. I guess the sight of the stars under that clear and dark sky must be amazing.



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