Thailand 2017

Bangkok, Thailand (3rd part)

Bangkok offers so many things to do that it is hard to choose. This time, I followed my friend’s lead and we visited the Erawan Museum, which is 25 km from downtown, approximately 45 minutes in a taxi. This museum is famous because it has a giant three-headed elephant sculpture displayed on the roof, which weights 250 tons!

The main building integrates architectural and artistic elements from different regions of the world. Inside, there are references to different religions, including Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. Outside the building, there are gardens surrounded by sculptures of fantastic creatures and elephants, that make for a fun and pleasant walk.

We also visited the Jim Thomson House, located within walking distance from the National Stadium BTS Station. This is an interesting place for all those interested in architecture and textiles.

Jim Thomson was an American architect and army-officer that was posted in Thailand at the end of World War II. There, he became interested in silk and contributed to the development of the Thai Silk industry in the 1950’s. He disappeared while going for a walk in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia in 1967.

His house in Bangkok, designed by him and considered a masterpiece, was turned into a museum. It displays the treasures that he collected during his travels through Asia, which are wonderful. Unfortunately, visitors are not allowed to take pictures in most areas of the house.

Finally, we took a stroll through Lumpini Park. I was very happy when we found a sculpture called  “Wings of Mexico”, by Mexican artist Jorge Marín. The sculpture has been displayed in public places in different cities around the world. Look around, you may find it in your city soon.


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